"I was intimidated by our disaster of a basement. C.Lee stored my fishing and camping gear, and now my wife no longer nags me! And Simplify You actually saved us money! Counting the tax benefits of donating charity items, the money we saved on supplies, and long-forgotten clothes found again, we actually came out way ahead!"

Having a Simplify You Team is the most streamlined way to do the job! Rest assured I will be at your home during all appointments. I use my extensive skills and expertise to guide and work with the team to complete your project quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. I hand-pick my experienced and insured assistants for each project, matching their abilities and talents to the requirements of your unique assignment.

There is a three-hour minimum for hands-on appointments. We only focus on one client a day and are committed to stay and finish your project. Any time used past the initial three hours is charged in 15-minute increments.

To complete your project to perfection, storage products will often need to be purchased. You are welcome to use my advice and referrals to buy these items yourself, but often my busy clients find it easiest to have me do this shopping for them. Simplify You will charge you only for the items used, and only at the regular retail cost. We do not “mark up” items to make additional profit. Any products we purchase that are not needed will be returned at no additional charge to you.

I am committed to supporting my clients in their journey to being organized. Complimentary services include answering quick questions via email, text, or phone calls outside of our sessions. I am also happy to give you referrals for other trusted service providers, internet product research, and some donation drop-offs. My basic supply shopping is also free of charge as part of Simplify You’s superior service to my valued clients.

After we achieve the results you desire, we can schedule flexible on-site three hour maintenance sessions to preserve and perfect the systems we have developed. Clients often request a seasonal “tune-up” to ensure that their efforts stay as effective as possible.