At Simplify You, we pride ourselves on helping our clients bring order and calm to all areas of the home. Here are videos, photos and before and after examples from a sampling of our recent projects from our Instagram feed. Follow us to see more!

Before and After Photos

“After years of accumulating "stuff" in our attic we decided it was time to clean out and organize. In just a few hours, C.Lee and her team turned it into a beautiful clutter-free space where everything was categorized and labeled. Every minute was spent working efficiently to get the project done. They also helped us decide what we should keep, donate or throw away. They even offered to take our donations to charities! Their organizational skills are amazing and it was a pleasure to work with Simplify You.”

“When the clutter and disorganization in my house started to overwhelm me, I asked C.Lee for help. During our assessment she went through the house and we identified where the problems were. Then she coached me on how to solve them. C.Lee gave me several tips that made a significant, immediate, positive impact, but took less than an hour to put into action! I got tremendous value from the time I spent with C.Lee!”

“I was intimidated by our disaster of a basement. C.Lee stored my fishing and camping gear, and now my wife no longer nags me! And Simplify You actually saved us money! Counting the tax benefits of donating charity items, the money we saved on supplies, and long-forgotten clothes found again, we actually came out way ahead!”

“Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me. I cannot believe the transformation in my house and life since you started organizing it. I love knowing what I own and where it belongs. What a novel experience in my life!”