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After my last post on closet organizing, I had a few questions on hangers.  Since this is something that people use EVERY day it is worth investing in the right ones for your unique clothing needs.

STYLE: Always buy hangers that have a bottom crossbar also known as a “suit hanger”. This enables you to easily hang a scarf with a blouse that matches it. Or, you can fold a pair of pants over the crossbar. The crossbar also makes the hanger stronger and more durable.

COLOR: For a unified and coordinated look put everything on BLACK hangers, that way the hangers will always match when you buy new ones. (The white plastic ones tend to yellow.)

flocked hanger

Flocked Hanger

FLOCKED: My favorites are the thin flocked hangers also known as “huggable”.  They are widely available but Costco wins for bargain prices, 35 for $9.99 (45.5 cm wide).

PLASTIC:  The black plastic classic tubular hanger from the Container Store is the best.  At 41 cm wide the style will always be consistent and the quality is excellent.  Buy them by the case at 27 cents each.

WIRE:  “NO wire hangers ever!”  Actually, I am not as militant as Joan Crawford and will allow blouses and shirts that are back from the cleaners to stay on the wire (that way you know that they are clean).  But jackets must be switched ASAP. That bit of cardboard shaped like a wedge will not support a shoulder for very long.


Wood Hangers

MEN: Classic wooden hangers with a shoulder width of at least 1” are essential for hanging your suit jackets so that they retain their shape.

SLENDER SHOULDERS: Petite women will love the Okla Hangers from Container Store.  These hangers are only 42 centimeters across and won’t stretch or pull the fabric the way a wider hanger can.  They are not cheap at 3 for $3.99, but your expensive sweaters and workwear will thank you!


Wider hangers for a natural shoulder line

WIDER SHOULDERS:  For men or plus-size ladies, use wider hangers so that your shirts can hang at the natural shoulder line.  I like BrylaneHome Plus Size Hangers available on Amazon ($20 for 20 hangers that are 54 cm wide).

BACKWARD: When re-doing your closet or when your seasonal switch is over there is one last step! Go through and put all the hangers on the rail “backward” so that the tip is facing out.  As you wear and wash your clothes then return garments “normally” to the rail.  This simple cost-free idea makes it effortless for you to see what you have REALLY been wearing at the end of a season.