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Tip Tuesday – Wedding Shoes Wasted

wedding shoes

I would estimate that in nearly ALL of the closets we organize we find wedding shoes, hidden high up on a shelf or under a pile, in a dusty original box. It’s such a waste to tuck away a beautiful pair of expensive shoes that most women only wear ONCE, on their wedding day.
We find wedding shoes in the closets of clients who recently got married AND in those of clients who have celebrated their ruby anniversaries (that’s 40 years!).
Behold my most recent find:

wedding shoes recent find

Please, I IMPLORE you, if you have beautiful shoes, WEAR them, perhaps on your anniversary or for an intimate date night with your beloved. It doesn’t matter the occasion, just don’t let your wedding shoes go to waste! As I jokingly ask my clients, “What? Are you saving them for your NEXT wedding?!” 
Yes, your gorgeous shoes are probably currently white, cream, or ivory, but they don’t need to stay that way. Personally, my own wedding shoes went from white to pale pink, to rose, to claret, to deep purple and finally to black. You can buy fabric or leather dye specifically made for shoes and do it yourself or send them to the local cobbler. I got years of service out of my wedding shoes until they were too worn to repair and I hope that you do too!
So are your wedding shoes in a box or part of your regular rotation? Let me know in the comments below and share this tip with recent (or not so recent) brides you know!