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Tip Tuesday – Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide Graphic

In my FB Group, Organizing Solutions for Busy Women, married folk have had some fantastic discussions about the WORST and BEST wedding gifts they received. If you know someone getting married this year, please let me share this “Wedding Gift Wisdom” to prevent your wedding gift from being wasted!

Someone said “Cash is King,” and that is always true for newlywed couples. Try the “formula” below to customize a cash gift! Change up the numbers to make it add up to what you can afford and enclose this note with your greeting card:
Why a check for $196?
Start with 5 for the month of May
plus 23 for the day of your wedding = 28
plus 21 for the year of your nuptials = 49
times the 2 years of your engagement = 98
times the two of you, perfect together, united forever = 196
And here’s my “In and Out” Guide for Wedding Gifts in 2021:

Silver Plated ANYTHING:
Tea/Coffee Sets, Chafing Dishes,
Gravy Boat, etc.
A specially Framed
Wedding Invitation
(try Etsy)
Wine DecantersWine/Champagne for their 1st, 5th & 10th Anniversaries
Fry Daddy Electric FryerQuality Pot & Pan Set
“Entertaining Only” Items
 like Platters & Dishes
Toaster Oven
Panini Maker/Griddle
ANYTHING from LenoxWaffle Maker
Wok w/ Detachable Handle
Electric Carving KnifeRice Cooker
Pressure Cooker
Unasked for Wall ArtKitchenAid Stand Mixer
Home Décor not on RegistryVacuum Sealer
Margarita GlassesButcher Block Cutting Board
Waterford CrystalEveryday Flatware
Champagne FlutesChampagne Flutes
Husband/Wife MugsSimple White Bone China
Pasta MakerPasta Maker
Bread MachineWooden Salad Bowl Set
Linen Tablecloths/NapkinsHigh Thread Count Sheets
VasesLuxury Towels
Crystal BowlDurable Luggage
Waterproof & Washable
Picnic Blanket
Wicker Picnic BasketSquare Folding Camp Table
Zen Water FountainOutdoor Furniture
Photo AlbumsLe Cruset Dutch Oven
Picture FramesFramebridge Gift Certificate
Brass CandlesticksBreakfast in Bed Tray
Crystal SculptureCrystal Desk Clock

Funnily, champagne flutes and a pasta maker appeared on both the “Worst” and “Best” lists! So the rule of thumb is know your audience: Do they enjoy bubbly and Italian food?

If you choose wisely from the “In” column, you can be confident the newly married couple will have a gift that will serve them well for years to come! Let me know if you have any more ideas to add to the list!

PS: Some links may be affiliate links and I may get a small commission at no cost to you, thanks!