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Tip Tuesday – Wedding Dress: What’s Next?

What to do with your Wedding dress after the celebration

It’s time to reconsider your wedding dress if it’s hanging lonely in your closet or preserved in a box in a storage space. Are YOU going to wear it again? Is it worth holding onto an item that large for perhaps decades on the slim chance that a daughter or granddaughter MAY want to wear it?

If you are ready to let go, here are your options:
RESELL: Plug all the details into this wedding dress reselling calculator and see what yours may be worth! The $3000 gown that I paid $199 for in 1992 is estimated to get me $480 now, nearly 30 years later! Or check out this list of the many places you can resell bridal dresses online.

(For the whole story of how I got a gown for 6% of its original price, check out this video on the Simplify You YouTube Channel! And while you are there please subscribe!)

REUSE: See your dress transform into an amazing work of art! Your white silk gown can be custom painted by talented artist Lola Lombard so that you CAN wear it again!  

Here are some suggestions for reusing the fabric of the gown from my FB Group:
– Make a Christening Gown for future children and generations.
– Make a Christmas tree skirt so you see it every year.
– Make a small doll or décor item for your home.

RECYCLE: Send it to BridesAcrossAmerica which provides free dresses for women in the military and first responders. 

Donate it to the Angel Gown Program where volunteers use the fabric to provide comfort for bereaved families through the gift of a beautiful custom-made infant gown for photos and burial services. There is currently a waiting list for donations.

Give it to your local school or theatre program where they can also dye and reuse the fabric for productions.

So there you have it, some suggestions to get your gown out of “closet confinement” and have it be enjoyed by you or someone else! If you have any other ideas please reply and let me know, or post it in the comments in my FB group.