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Want to save your sanity (& some trees!)

If you’re in my FB Group, you’ll have seen me with the chunk of junk mail we got when we were away for just a few days!

I was shocked when I did a little more research into statistics about junk mail, and I think you will be too!

In 2019 Heal the Planet reported that every year in the USA, 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered to homes!

And to make 100 billion pieces of junk mail, 100 million trees need to be chopped down! That would be the same as deforesting the entire Rocky Mountain National Park 3 times a year. Here’s more:

  • If you kept all of the junk mail you received in one year it would average 41 pounds!
  • The average American receives approximately 18 pieces of junk mail for every piece of ‘regular’ mail. 
  • At least 42% of junk mail(the EPA says it’s more like 60%) ends up in landfills, never even opened.
  • Junk mail also has a huge impact on the world’s climate. The production of junk mail has the same carbon footprint as 9 million cars and the energy used to produce all of this junk mail could heat 250,000 homes for a day.

So I’m getting more and more determined to minimize my junk mail and I’m working on a plan to help you do the same!

Are you interested?  Check for details in my FB Group “Organizing Solutions for Busy Women” coming soon!