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Tip Tuesday – An Editable Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist Image

Are you planning a vacation this summer? I am and I can’t wait! To prepare, I pulled out my old travel checklist which was so dated it had “camera and camera charger” on it! HA! I may have made that list when I was in my 30s, so it was time for an update.

I went to the internet to find an EDITABLE travel checklist for ALL of the little things a busy woman like me would want to remember to bring, but I could not find a good one! So I created my own, and I want to share it with you HERE! This is a one page document that can be customized in Word or Google Docs. Just print it out and check things off as you pack.

This list is designed for a BIG trip, one where you may be on a long haul flight. It may seem extensive, but I list each and every item distinctly as I want to check each item off as I go. I have divided items into 9 categories, with each category representing a logical way to collect items when packing.

In my Avenue Carry On tote I will bring my comfort pouch. My comfort pouch has everything I need to sleep comfortably on the plane and in a hotel. I will also carry on ALL of my electronics and chargers. I plan to take a multi-port USB cord designed for the UK to plug in all my devices. And I like that I can customize the interior of this bag to carry ALL of my chargers and some of my devices as well. I also carry on my jewelry in a drawstring bag. I like the little compartments that keep the earrings/necklaces separated and scratch-free. Plus my bangles and hair accessories fit nicely in the center.

In my checked luggage, I will pack my makeup in this adjustable compartment train case. Finally, I will stow my toiletries, grooming, first aid, and “as needed” items away. When I travel it is SO important for me to stay organized and have all of the supplies that I normally use on hand but decanted into travel sizes! And if you don’t want to get out your label maker to label travel sizes, use these pre-made labels.

Let me know if this list is useful for you and where you are going! Bon voyage and safe travels!

PS: Some links may be affiliate links and I may get a small commission at no cost to you, thanks!