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Celebrating Year 5 of Tip Tuesday: a Look Back on Top Tips!

Celebrating Year 5 of Tip Tuesday: a Look Back on Top Tips image

A warm welcome to the many new subscribers who downloaded the Emergency Grab and Go Checklist last week! I started organizing clients’ homes in 2003, but only started sending out weekly Tips in the fall of 2017. Now, I am happily celebrating having sent over 200 organizing and lifestyle tips directly to subscribers’ inboxes in the last four years. For those who are new here (or want a refresher), I wanted to highlight the most read Tips from each of the last four years:

YEAR ONE: “Laundry Logistics Part One” was read by over 50% of subscribers in August 2018! And “Laundry Logistics Part Two” was popular as well. In this series, I encouraged you to choose ONE method of doing your laundry, and stick to it!

YEAR TWO: “Rx Excess” was sent out in October 2018 to remind people about National Take Back Day. Luckily, now almost everyone in the US can find a secure location to return medications anytime, using this locator form. Or, if you want to safely dispose of your medications at home, use a Deterra Pack. Whatever you do, DO NOT FLUSH THEM!

YEAR THREE: “Pandemic Projects” from April 2020 was, unsurprisingly, highly read—all we did then was anxiously lurk on our emails! But the core idea of the Tip—really prioritizing what is important to do with your time—is still just as, if not more important now!

YEAR FOUR: “You NEED a Retail Email” from October 2020 is still some of my favorite and most timely advice! Set up a dedicated shopping email NOW to give retailers during your holiday shopping. This prevents paper clutter and can even save you money as online offers and coupons are easier to find in one place.

I’m excited to start new projects to serve you, and to continue to send you Tips every Tuesday too! Please reply to this email if YOU have a specific question and I will try to answer it in the future! I read each and every reply. And join my FB Group, Organizing Solutions for Busy Women, where we share tons more advice and inspiration!