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Tip Tuesday – You NEED a Retail Email

you need a retail email

With the pandemic-inspired threat of “shipageddon,” many popular gifts will probably sell out early this holiday season. Any tip that simplifies your holiday shopping should be welcome, so let me introduce you to the concept of a RETAIL EMAIL!

This is an email address that you create and use exclusively for ANY online or in-store shopping that you do! Make it something EASY for you to type in, or for a weary salesperson to understand. Something like will be easy to say and remember.   

Here are the big bonuses of this method:

  • You will have much less paper receipt clutter.
  • Your PERSONAL email won’t get clogged with ads.
  • You can find offers and coupons with a quick search.
  • You can track packages and deliveries easily.
  • You can UNsubscribe to emails you don’t care about anymore (Gmail even suggests it!).