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Tip Tuesday – Write Out 2020

Write Out 2020 image

We all like to save time, but NOT writing or typing the FULL year as “2020” this year could set you up for confusion at the least, or fraud at the worst! Experts say adding those two extra digits can prevent someone from changing the year on your checks, personal documents, or financial documents. Imagine someone changing a codicil on a will with the sneaky addition of two digits to change the year? Switching 1/7/20 to 1/7/2022 could make a BIG difference! 

Many of us have simply abbreviated the year when writing out dates in the past, BUT this year take the time to write it out! To totally avoid mix-ups or mistakes write the month in words, as in “January 14, 2020.” The extra few moments it takes could save months of headaches. And happily, this won’t happen again until 2121! Happy 2020, or in Roman numerals, MMXX!