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Tip Tuesday – Work From Home Essentials

work from home essentials

The other week I suggested how to create a new workspace in your home. Since work-from-home looks like it is here to stay, here are a few more ideas for you. This week, consider investing in these other key work-from-home essentials:

Your work surface needs light! Do not strain your eyes by relying on a ceiling light or a floor lamp to illuminate your desk. An adjustable desk lamp can focus light on your task, or on your face for that all-important zoom call.

That backache you have is probably caused by using a traditional dining room chair to sit and work for hours on end. Do yourself a favor and get an attractive, adjustable-height, wheeled desk chair. After much research, I choose this “Lydia” chair that really supports my lower back.

Or perhaps you want the option to stand for work? Purchase a standing desk converter. Inexpensive cardboard ones like the Spark are out of stock but you could order a DeskBox from Ireland. Keep in mind to measure what will accommodate YOUR height. Ideally, your arms will be at a near 90-degree angle, so, if you use a laptop, you will want a second keyboard/mouse.

What things have you purchased to make your work-from-home setup more productive or ergonomic? Let us know! And be sure to share this with anyone you know who is going to be working from home in the future.