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Tip Tuesday – Be Sharp

ways to use sharpie

Get out your permanent markers and use them boldly! I store Sharpie markers all over my home so I can grab them quickly, and I use them when getting my label maker out is too much fuss. My favorites are the ones that have a retractable point so I don’t have to worry about losing the tops!

BATHROOM = Write expiration dates on all of your medications, vitamins, sunscreen, and toiletries. On makeup and skincare, jot down when they were opened to see how long they last.  

KITCHEN = Write the expiration dates on top of canned goods and spices when you buy them. This way you don’t need to worry about rotating your dry goods, as you can easily see what needs to be used first. 

FREEZER = Write WHAT it is and WHEN you stored it on foil or bags when you put things in your freezer.

LIVING ROOM = Use SILVER Sharpies to write on new black charging cables and blocks that come with each new device. Be specific when labeling; for example, not “Cell Phone” but “iPhone 11.”

PLAYROOM = Write on each charger and remote when you open a new toy box. This way you will know which one goes with every new toy car, drone, or robot. 

OFFICE = Use different colors for labeling folders if you like! We will sometimes use Green for Finances (the color of money), Red for Medical (Red Cross), Blue for Household, and Purple for Personal.  Use colors that make sense to you! Sharpies come in 49 different colors.

IN GENERAL = Everything from fans to candles seems to come with its own remote now. Use your Sharpie to write on each remote so you know which device it belongs to. 

“Be sharp” and let me know how YOU use Sharpies!