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Tip Tuesday – Virtual Organizing Opportunity

Virtual Organizing Opportunity

This is an unprecedented time. Many of us are unexpectedly staying at home. I am hearing from many of my clients that they can’t stand to stare at the messy states of their closets, pantries, or entryways for the next few weeks, and that they wish I could magically be there to help. I am here to say that I CAN help, virtually!

If you want expert help, motivation, and guidance on how to complete those organization projects at home—from a Certified Professional Organizer with over 17 years’ experience—then let’s do this together! I will try to make it easy and fun to virtually accomplish your organizational goals!

We will start with a 1) COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY MEETING where we can chat about your areas that need organizing and any other concerns you have. Use Skype, Google Hangouts, or WhatsApp on your phone to show me around your home. I assure you this is a non-judgmental and confidential call.

If you feel that I’m a good fit and I feel confident that I can coach you to achieve the goals that you desire, we will connect again for our 2) INITIAL AREA PLANNING SESSION. During this call we will discuss the specific area you want to organize, the supplies I recommend you use, and the precise order of steps that will get you to your goal! I will then send you links to supplies (if needed) that can be delivered directly to your door.

Our next 3) PROGRESS AND PLANNING SESSION will happen when you have had an opportunity to implement my initial suggestions. We will schedule this call in advance so that you have a measure of accountability to get this task completed! This session will allow me to cover any questions you have and to see if you need more assistance to achieve your goal.

Throughout this process I am available for quick questions via text or email so that you don’t get sidelined or struggle along the way. I am here to be your accountability and organization partner!

Book the complimentary discovery meeting with me this MARCH at this link to get all three calls’ worth of guidance for only $250. During this time of crisis, I hope to be the Organizer to Virtually “Simplify You”!

P.S. A final message of thanks to all of the doctors, nurses, first responders, truck drivers, delivery people and more who are out and about taking care of all of us at home! Thank you!