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Tip Tuesday – Vertical is Visible

vertical is visible

One of my favorite organizing mantras is “Vertical is Visible, Horizontal is Hidden!” 
Almost anything that you are storing in a horizontal manner can benefit from a 90-degree rotation. For example, you may have a towering pile of paper on your desk that you have to rifle through to find what you are looking for. Take that pile and put it in a vertical paper stand with file folders to separate the stack. Now you can easily access all the papers and put them back in an orderly fashion as well.
Or maybe you have dozens of tees folded in a deep drawer. You can only see the ones on top, and you can’t tell which are long or short-sleeved. Take those shirts and HANG them! They will go from hidden—stored horizontally—to visible—hanging vertically in your closet, easy to find and wear. On your closet rail, you can see all of your tees and sleeves in an instant. 
So keep an eye out for stacks and piles, and then transform those hidden, horizontal messes into visible, vertical systems!