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Tip Tuesday – Trade Your Toys

Trade Your Toys

During the pandemic, puzzles have been all the rage and, happily, we have some friends with whom we can trade puzzles.

Wouldn’t it be great to do the same with TOYS? Now you can! If you can’t find local friends to swap with, consider joining a toy library and “borrow” toys to enjoy for two weeks at a time and then take back!
Imagine how much more engaged your children will be with new toys to look forward to every fortnight. Imagine how much less you will have to manage and store if you can trade items out regularly. And imagine only purchasing and owning the toys that your kids truly love. Not only is trading toys better for your budget, it is better for the environment! 
Here in Northern Virginia, there is the women-owned Toy Nest. You can play there and they have a fantastic “buy one, give one” program. Nationally, there is the Toy Library, which sends out two toys at a time. They can suggest what is best for your child based on their age and developmental needs. 
Now that kids are spending more time at home than ever before, consider creating a toy trading program with your friends or neighbors OR look into a toy library or rental scheme!