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Tip Tuesday – The Best Editable Travel Checklist

This checklist was one of the MOST popular free resources I offered last year!  Are you planning a long overdue vacation this summer?  If so, I think you’ll LOVE this checklist!  It is editable so you can customize it for your personal needs.  Then, just save it to print out again and again, EVERY TIME to travel! 

This list is designed for a big trip, one where you may be on a long haul flight. It may seem extensive, but I list each and every item distinctly as I want to check each item off as I pack. I have divided the items into 9 categories, with each category representing a logical way to collect items when packing.

I always fly with my Avenue Carry On tote. In it, I bring my:

In my checked luggage, I pack my:

My skin is sensitive so I decant ALL of the products I normally use into these travel size containers.  And if you don’t want to get out your label maker to label travel sizes, use these pre-made labels..

Let me know if this list is useful for you and where you are going! Bon voyage and safe travels! Don’t forget to get your copy of The Best Editable Travel Checklist and share this link with anyone you know who is traveling soon!

PS: I only recommend products I would use or give myself. As an Amazon Associate, if you use a link to buy something, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks!