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Tip Tuesday – Textile Recycle

Textile Recycle

Let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and talk a bit about textile recycling! 
Here is a powerful infographic about just how much textile waste ends up in the landfill. For more staggering facts about fast fashion, check out this powerful article about waste. It says that the average American throws out 81 pounds of clothing a year! That is as much as an average 11-year-old child weighs, and that statistic is four years old!

What to can you do to help? Embrace “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!” 

REDUCE: First, just buy LESS! Embrace the “capsule wardrobe concept” and only purchase a few key pieces each season, if that. Or host or attend a swap party when we can get back to socializing. This is a great way to exchange items for free with friends and then donate any leftovers. 

REUSE: Perhaps try renting your clothes through the many services now available.  Or instead of buying new cheap, “disposable” clothes, think of purchasing “quality over quantity.” Purchase classic, well-made pieces that can be worn for decades. Or buy high-end used clothing for the whole family. You can find thrifted, high-quality clothes inexpensively through local and online consignment clothing shops. (Here is a ThredUp $10 off link!) If wearing used clothing bothers you, then search for “new” or “new with tags” online. And remember many other people may have tried on that garment you purchased as “new”!

RECYCLE: Many people don’t know that Goodwill will accept your torn and stained clothing and linens, even single shoes, gloves, and socks! Just put these in a separate bag labeled “RAGS,” so they won’t try to process them for sale. Or send your better things for free to Schoola to raise money to educate girls around the world. What’s important is that proper recycling keeps these items OUT of the landfill.

I am sure that we are all considering what we can do going forward to make the Earth a better place for future generations. What do YOU do or plan to do with your wardrobe and unwanted clothing? Let us know and stay healthy!