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Tip Tuesday – Tactical Travel

Suitcase and plane

As temperatures climb, and the end-of-school countdown begins, you may be planning a summer getaway. Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination, you can benefit from some universal packing strategies:

The first simple step you should take is creating a personalized packing list. There are many templates online to choose from to customize to your needs. Be as specific as you can, and be sure to save your list electronically so you can print it out each time you prep for travel. (It’s also extra satisfying to check items off on a physical piece of paper!) I like to have one list for cold weather destinations (add: cozy sleeping socks) and one for warm weather destinations (add: enormous sun hat).

Next, especially if you travel often, assemble TWO go-to toiletry bags. Make one a sturdy TSA-compliant clear bag which you can toss in your carry-on. This toiletry bag only holds liquids less than 3 ounces—just enough supplies for a weekend away. Then, make a larger toiletry kit that contains enough supplies for a week or two. You can use this bag when you’re checking luggage.

Another toiletries tip: Go ahead and buy duplicates in SMALLER sizes, or use refillable containers, for all your favorite products. In my experience, it is always worth making space in your luggage for your tried and true favorites. That way, you have those products on hand, and needn’t worry about navigating a foreign pharmacy where you may not know the language, and where you will likely pay more for tourist necessities like sunscreen.

Finally, when you get home, REFILL your toiletry kits right away. Make refilling these bags a regular part of your unpacking and laundry routine. Then you’ll be ready to jet off at a moment’s notice should you have to travel unexpectedly. Or, you’ll simply save yourself stress the next time you prepare for a vacation.

Let us know where you are traveling this summer, and if you need any other packing advice, in the comments below. Bon voyage!