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Tip Tuesday – Sweep Spot

junk drawer

What is a “sweep spot”? Well, it’s a pretty sweet spot that’s reserved for clearing clutter in a pinch. Say a friend or coworker is paying you an unexpected visit, and you need to do a quick sweep of the house in the minutes before they arrive. To “prepare” for these impromptu moments, leave one empty niche in your home–be it a drawer, cupboard, or hidden shelf–where you can tuck away in-process things. This nook is meant to temporarily hold incoming mail, or out-of-place toys or tools. In our house, it’s a deep kitchen drawer that’s easily accessible.

Beyond being a place where you can store things out of guests’ sight, a dump drawer is also convenient for throwing that one random item that you just can’t be bothered to return to its home. As one client said, “I can’t keep looking at the swim goggles on the kitchen island.”

Just remember, the sweep spot is NOT a permanent solution or “forever” home for these items. Your goal should be to process and put items away to clear this space as soon as possible. The sweep spot functions best as a space that is normally empty, and therefore always ready for the next time you need to quickly clear.

Let us know if you have a sweep spot–bonus points if it’s empty right now!