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Tip Tuesday – Stop, Drop, and Roll

tip Tuesday drop zone for small things image

Two and a half days. This is the average time we lose EACH year just searching for lost things! The most common things that go missing are keys, phones, wallets, and the TV remote. Misplacing the TV remote won’t make you late for work, but misplacing your only set of car keys certainly WILL! And they are not cheap to replace. Just last week we found a missing car key in the inner pocket of a long-forgotten purse. Don’t let this happen to you!

Hence, my recommendation to STOP, DROP and ROLL:

1 – Create an easy DROP zone near where you actually enter and exit your home. If you come in through the front door because you walk to the Metro, then that is where your drop zone should be. Those who come in through the garage should have a drop zone near that entryway. Create a drop zone with a specific ledge, hook, dish, mat, or surface for each person in the family. And make it small so that other clutter can not collect in the area. (Like this cute magnetic key holder recently seen on a client’s fridge.)

2 – Consciously STOP when you come in and use your dedicated drop zone to place your keys, wallet, and phone. This may also be where your purse, backpack, or briefcase is stored. For me, this area is also where I charge my phone overnight (as I don’t take it up to my bedroom level). 

3 – And perhaps use rock and ROLL to help you remember where you have put things! Many scientists recommend using music to remember and reinforce where you place important items – sing a little reminder out loud. When I grew up, the jingle we used was “to be able to watch the cable, the remote’s on the TV table.” It really works!

Do you have a dedicated DROP zone? Will you sing yourself a reminder to help reinforce where you place things? Tell us your stop, drop, and roll secrets!