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Tip Tuesday – Start the Four Gift Standard

airpods, money, pajamas, book

There is no time like the holidays…to start simplifying your life! One way to scale back and create less clutter for yourself and loved ones is to establish a “Four Gift Standard.” The idea behind the Four Gift Standard is a catchy rhyme you may have heard: “One gift you want, one you need, one to wear, and one to read.” These gifts can be as extravagant or simple as you want, but, because they are so few, none will become clutter! Chances are these gifts will be well chosen and happily received.

These four gifts can be person-to-person (in a 3-person family like mine, that would mean 8 gifts each!) or within the whole family. The four gifts can also be themed around an event, interest, or trip. For example, for a Spring trip to Moscow you could gift wireless ear buds for the plane (want), money for the visa to enter Russia (need), silky long underwear (wear), and “Anna Karenina” (read)! Kara Carrero developed a similar rhyme specifically for children’s gifts. It goes: “Something cool, something for school, something to wear, and something to share!” I especially like the idea of something to share, which could include a board game, an outing to a children’s theater, reservations for an afternoon tea, or tickets to a sporting event.

If I was to add my OWN spin on these four-gift rhymes, I would say: “Someone to meet, something to eat, something to wear, something not there!” For me, this would mean funds to visit far-flung friends, a delicious meal out, warm sleep socks, and an activity “not there” in the house, like tickets to a special museum exhibit or vouchers for a trapeze class (which I did a couple years ago and loved!). Whichever way you like to gift, I hope you can find a rhyme that works for you. The Four Gift Standard allows you and your family to scale back and enjoy what really matters this holiday season!

Let me know your favorite rhyme in the comments below!