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Tip Tuesday – Spring Into Action

Make spring a fresh start for your organizing efforts!

I know some of you are seriously taking on the Project 333 Challenge, or faithfully donating a handbag a day for 40 days. Bravo! But are you REWARDING yourself for those efforts?   

To keep up momentum, I encourage all of my clients to link every chore with a reward. No matter how daunting or everyday the task, knowing that a treat of some nature will be yours after completing that task will help keep you on track!

For example, I only check my social media AFTER I have gone through, read, and processed ALL of my daily email. I have a client whose incentive for clearing her desk and paying the bills on time is a biweekly mani-pedi. She did the math and realized that her timely efforts would pay for professional manicures many times over!

So PLAN to indulge in fresh flowers, a fancy coffee, or just a long catch-up with a close friend if it will motivate you to get things done, and spring into action!