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Tip Tuesday – Spend on the Small Things

Speaking with an older relative, I asked her: “Do you have any advice on how to live a happy life?” She said what “sparked joy” most for her was treating herself to quality, simple items that she used every day. She said, “spend on the small things!” I could not agree more and vowed that I would.

Some suggestions to start with:
Use a luxury scented hand soap every day to wash up instead of that bargain liquid soap sold in gallon-size containers from big box stores.

Purchase all matching hangers that are a joy to see hanging in your closet and a pleasure to use every day.

Splurge on super-soft, thick, cotton bath towels that make toweling off every day like a spa experience!

Believe that you deserve these small treats throughout your day! And the extra expense will be only pennies a day when these luxuries are quality purchases that will last.
So how can you upgrade your everyday life and spend on the small things? Let me know!