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Tip Tuesday – Show Yourself Some Love

And I don’t just mean choosing your favorite salted caramels out of the heart-shaped candy box! I mean do the things NOW that, although they may seem onerous, your “future self” will thank you for.

This concept works in ways big and small. Today, you drag your feet around the house to complete the last 200 steps of your 10,000-a-day goal. You may feel like your trudging is aimless, but think how happy you will be in a couple decades when you can keep up with your grandchildren! That’s a big picture payoff your granny self will be grateful for.

Small tasks save your near-future self trouble as well. When I consistently hang my car keys on the same hook, I know I will thank myself the next morning when I can easily grab them and rush out the door.

Every year, I think of my future self fondly when I thoughtfully put away my holiday decorations. And, come the following December, I always thank my past self for putting in the extra effort before, to make unpacking and decorating so effortless in the present.

So show yourself some love: put in the extra work now, and reap the fruits of your labor in the future.

And Happy Valentine’s Day from Simplify You!