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Tip Tuesday – Shop-Free February

shopping bags
I am excited to revive one of my most popular tips from last year…at last it is time to plan for SHOP FREE FEBRUARY!
Are you ready to save some money after overspending at the holidays? Are you ready for a positive change in your attitude AND bank balance? Challenge yourself and join me!

My inspiration this year comes from Cait Flanders’ book “The Year of Less” where she challenged herself to a shopping ban for an entire year (and then did it again)!  I figure if she can do it for 712 days, I can do it for a mere 28!

Remember, the shopping ban doesn’t have to be too strict. Cait had an “approved list” of things she could buy (like gifts for others) but NOT books or take-out coffee. On my list of “approved purchases” are some specific things I will need for a spring vacation. Other than that, I am committed to NOT shop. For me, that means using up our dry goods and freezer foods and only purchasing FRESH foods in February. That also means NO casual meals out and entertaining at home instead. And of course it means NO new clothes, shoes, or bags as I have everything I could need already in my closet.

I encourage you to be realistic about your non-shopping goals. Perhaps your personal challenge is to not eat out in February? Or to not buy makeup or accessories? I encourage you to plan NOW for events where spending and shopping are encouraged, like Valentines Day or birthdays. Remember, just spending TIME with loved ones may be the best gift of all. Like last year, my husband and I are only exchanging cards on Valentines Day and will share a fancy home-made meal together. Thanks to a great neighbor, we have a nice bottle of champagne chilled to enjoy too!

Comment on social media if you are IN on this challenge. Please forward this challenge to anyone else who you think will like the idea of trying a “Shop Free February” too! Let me know how it goes and remember, it’s only 28 days!