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Tip Tuesday – Shift Your Shelves

If you have adjustable shelves, I recommend you “shift your shelves” to suit your needs. I am amazed at how often I go into homes and the kitchen shelves have not moved an inch since the cabinets were shipped and installed. It’s really not that hard to shift shelves! And you can see the difference it makes in my NBC4 segment!

In the photo below on the left, items were shoved in, boxes were on their sides, and there was wasted space—all because the shelves hadn’t been adjusted.
Voila! Simply by moving the shelves to accommodate the tall cereal boxes, narrow rice crackers, and other pantry items, every inch of storage is maximized!

Or in this closet example, we added a shelf (and moved others) to make room for high boots, shoes, and handbags. Now her collection of footwear is visible and easy to access!

So take a look around, where in your home can YOU shift a shelf to make more space? Let us know how you get “shifty”!