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Tip Tuesday – Rx Excess

Rx for disposal

Do you have an excess of unneeded or expired prescription medications hanging around? I see this type of clutter in almost EVERY home that I organize, so know that you are not alone. Many of my clients simply don’t know how to safely dispose of prescription medications.

The “old fashioned” way of flushing is NOT recommended. The FDA recommends that you do NOT FLUSH ANY medications unless it is impossible to take them to a safe location. Luckily, THIS Saturday, October 27th is National Take Back Day and there are many nearby disposal locations for everyone! Just put your zip code into the DEA’s handy website to find out where.* If you followed my advice on September 25th and cleared out your medicine cabinet to get ready for flu season, then you probably have some expired meds already gathered up. If not, NOW is the time to do it! Then take them into your drop-off location, and reward yourself for doing it!

But what if the four-hour window this Saturday doesn’t work for you? See the infographic on mixing medications with your household trash to dispose of them safely.

Or consider purchasing Deterra or MedsAway bags to safely neutralize and dispose of these drugs easily at home.
Let me know which method you are using, and, whatever method you choose, I encourage you to do it this weekend! *A special note for local Arlington, Virginia readers: We have 24/7, year-round disposal options available at three different locations so there is NO excuse for you not to take care of these meds in this calendar year!