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Tip Tuesday – Routine, Reward, Repeat!

Routine Reward Repeat Image

Today is the beginning of the new virtual school year where I live, so a new routine for a “new normal” starts NOW. Even for someone like me, without school-age kids, September has always meant a fresh start. 

My fresh start suggestion for you is to create a reliable and realistic routine for each member of the family for weekdays.  Write it down and post it up as a reminder. Kids especially will love this, as they thrive on structure. After all, we all want to know what to expect. Color coding your time chart may help.

Successful routine building requires two more ingredients: REWARD and REPEAT. Something done consistently (daily or weekly) is more likely to stick. And if you couple routine with reward then your chance of success doubles!

As you stick to your routine, reward yourself with a quick social media break or a favorite cup of tea. For kids, a reward can be a quick card game, a little snack, or making a TikTok video. Or perhaps set a weekly reward of having the family’s favorite meal delivered, IF everyone gets their chores and homework done.

Finally, repeat your routine daily and “tweak” as needed.  Repetition creates rhythm in the day. Try to alternate your focus and effort with short breaks to clear your head.  

Recognize that during these challenging times, following a daily routine is a huge accomplishment. Wishing you a fantastic fresh start! Remember Routine, Reward, Repeat!