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Tip Tuesday – Prime Day for Reflection

Days after Independence Day, the next hugely hyped event on the calendar is Amazon Prime Day, this year running for TWO days (July 15th through July 16th).

Instead of falling for the hype, I suggest you use it as a day to reflect on what you have and what you REALLY need.

Remember: something is NOT a “bargain” if it isn’t essential and won’t fit in your home. IF your vacuum just died and you need to replace it, then Prime Day IS an opportunity to do so. But if you find yourself just browsing the ads without having something specific in mind, maybe it’s best to reconsider?

I have seen SO many digital photo frames, telescopes, drones, clothes, headphones, bread machines, croquet sets, and picnic baskets in clients’ homes STILL in boxes, with tags on, never used because it was “such a good deal” or given as a gift. I urge you to reflect on what is of prime importance to you when Prime Day comes around!