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Tip Tuesday – Prevent Piles

The aphorism “nature abhors a vacuum” rings especially true when it comes to maintaining clutter-free spaces. Creating a totally blank space where there was once a towering pile is counterproductive—that empty area inevitably becomes filled with clutter again. To prevent those pesky piles, I encourage my clients to PURPOSEFULLY FILL the cleared space, not with clutter, but with simple decor.

For example, after our team has finally cleared off a messy formal dining table, we try to actually SET the table as if the client is throwing a dinner party. Place mats, cloth napkins, and plates replace homework and hockey sticks. Rather than being plagued by piles, the table is poised to serve its real purpose as an elegant dining space.

Or once the kitchen island is clear, put a large decorative tray or basket near a fruit bowl, fresh flowers, or a beautiful plant. Any random things that accumulate can be contained in this basket, which is easy to clear in a moment.

Let me know where your piles collect, and the beautiful pieces you’re hoping to replace them with!