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Tip Tuesday – Presence Not Presents

a family and gifts

FDR got it right when he established Thanksgiving as a holiday the fourth Thursday of November in 1941.
Thanksgiving is the perfect non-denominational holiday—every American celebrates it! How can you go wrong with a national holiday that is ALL about sharing a special meal with family and friends? And the best part about it? No one expects a Thanksgiving gift. It is truly about presence, not presents!

Take the “attitude of gratitude” that Thanksgiving is all about and carry it with you throughout the entire holiday season and into the New Year. Sincerely express your thanks to those whom you love, appreciate, and admire, either verbally or through a handwritten note. These simple words and gestures can have a huge positive impact. They remind loved ones that they are an incredible presence in your life, with a token of appreciation that is not a present!

As nice as tangible gifts are, they are not always as meaningful to us as an acknowledgement of what we do and what that means to others. I know teachers often say that a thoughtful letter from a student is much more memorable than any mug, gift card, or batch of cookies. These efforts cost nothing but are priceless to the recipient.

Even better, kind words and cards create virtually NO clutter for the recipient as well! What a win/win! Who will YOU thank with words or a letter this week? Let us know in the comments!