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Tip Tuesday – Perfect Your Pantry

I recently saw a statistic that each American wastes about a pound of food every day! But that number did not surprise me too much; I’ve seen many cavernous pantries filled with forgotten food. For example, look at what I found organizing a pantry recently:

Neglect your pantry organization for a while, and you can easily end up with 6 half-used spice jars of cinnamon…

So save yourself time and money spent on forgotten food, and employ these simple tips to achieve pantry perfection!

– Revisit the tried-and-true tip of “round in round.” I love to use a turntable to contain canned goods, condiments, and all of the other round-edge items you find in a kitchen.  A 10″ turntable fits well in an over-the-counter cabinet and allows you to spin your spices around to see all you have in stock.
– And don’t forget the reverse mantra: “square in square.”  Always choose a square canister when decanting any foods like cereal, nuts, or granola. Square canisters fit closely together which means NO wasted space. My favorites are the OXO POP top ones.
– Finally, don’t overbuy! You don’t save yourself any money if those cans and bottles you buy in bulk expire before you can use them. Also, consider the “cost” of storing them in your pantry. Instead of spending money to renovate for a bigger pantry, you can keep less on hand.

I hope these tips help you to perfect YOUR pantry! If you have any specific questions about your space feel free to ask!