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Tip Tuesday – Perfect Fit

perfect fitted sheets image

This Halloween season, nothing is creepier than “sheet creep”! Sheet creep happens when the sheets are not put on the bed properly and then ride up in the middle of the night.

But how is one to avoid sheet creep? With twin- or full-size beds it is pretty easy, but once you get into queen-size or almost square king-size sheets, it can be difficult to get fitted sheets on properly. 

Here’s the secret:
The sheet TAG goes on the bottom right side of the bed (as you look at it from the foot of the bed). Ensure the tag is tucked under that bottom right corner, and you’ll be able to get the perfect fit. It’s that simple!

Extra points if you rotate your sheets and place that tag at the upper left corner every other wash to balance the wear and tear. And remember, it’s worth treating yourself to nice bedding. You spend a third of your life on those sheets!