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Tip Tuesday – Papers to Pitch Today

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Paper processing is exhausting. But from my 18 years of experience helping thousands of people, I can assure you: what you don’t throw out is what complicates and bogs down your whole paper system! Be bold, make decisions, and toss things out! Here is a quick list of things you can and SHOULD recycle right away:

RECEIPTS – For anything consumable that you’re not deducting on your taxes. You know you won’t be returning groceries or gas!

FINANCIAL – If you have stocks and investments, you likely get endless voting requests and prospectus mailers. Are you going to really read or act on these? If not, toss or shred them!

ENVELOPES – Do NOT put your opened mail BACK into the envelope it came in! Recycle the envelope right away.

TO-DO LISTS – If most of your tasks are crossed out, then toss the old list and start a new list. Don’t forget to DATE it with the day, month, and year!

COUPONS – Even with the best of intentions, it’s difficult to remember to use grocery store coupons. Best not to waste time clipping them at all and use an app for discounts instead.

CIRCULARS – Only look at circulars for the stores you actually shop at. Recycle all others.

CATALOGUES – You bought your mother-in-law a nightgown once and now your mailbox is filled with Vermont Country Store catalogs. (Or is this one just me?) Next time, OPT out of getting the catalog!

MAGAZINES – They come every month or week and you seem to have dozens! Declare “magazine amnesty” and toss them all! If you’re never really going to get around to reading them, just cancel your subscription.

COLLEGE NOTEBOOKS/PAPER – If you’re not going back to school, and you’ve been out of college for over a decade, now is the time to rid yourself of these papers.

BLANK POSTCARDS/GREETING CARDS – You donated to a charity and it sent you “freebie” holiday cards but you know they are NOT your taste. Donate them to someone who will use them and clear your stationery cupboard.

OLD GREETING CARDS – Just because a loved one sent you a card does NOT mean you have to keep it forever. Enjoy it for a week, displayed on a shelf or mantle, and then recycle it! Only keep the ones that are really meaningful—you will know the difference!

CHARITY REQUESTS – If you’re not interested in donating to their cause right now, feel free to recycle the request. Another request will come eventually!

MANUALS – Chances are you won’t read or need the manual after unboxing and setting up your appliance. If you do need further info it’s much easier to search online at a resource like, rather than root through a box full of manuals in your basement.

So there you have it, a baker’s dozen of the papers you can pitch today! Let me know if you agree with these categories and if you have other ideas! Don’t forget to join my FB Community to get a FREE PDF print-out of this guideline.