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Tip Tuesday – Organizing Methods: KonMari vs. C.Lee

konmari vs. c

If you have worked with me or read my tips you know that my approach to organizing is NOT exactly like the trendy “KonMari” method. It’s not that I dislike her method. I applaud ANY method that helps people achieve their organizing goals. It’s just that after 16 years of organizing I have my own tried-and-true methods that get my clients the results they desire. Below, I’ve listed a few ways in which my style differs from Marie Kondo’s.

I DON’T bless your home before I start. In fact, I seldom remember to take “before” photos because I’m so eager to get started!

I DON’T bring a large box of smaller random boxes. Instead, I often bring a car filled with a wide variety of many consistent containers. I bring along such a large inventory because that way I can customize what we use to suit my clients’ exact needs and spaces. I strongly feel that consistent containers work better, look better, and make maintenance even easier.

I DON’T insist on tightly folding all of your clothes, although I DO love “filing” folded clothes and have been doing it for ages. I believe, with the right hanger, it is FAR easier to hang garments. Hanging your clothes makes it easier to see what you have, and access it with half the time and trouble.

I DO bring a label maker (or two). I firmly believe that clearly labeling as much as possible makes knowing where items belong, and returning them to their “homes,” effortless.

These are a few of the ways that Marie and I differ in our organizing techniques. What do you think of my methods and those you may have seen on “Tidying Up”?