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Tip Tuesday – Must-Dos Go in Twos

toothbrush and pill

“Must-Dos Go in Twos” is an concept I have come to embrace: take something you ALWAYS do daily or weekly and LINK that task to another task you want to accomplish. 

For example, I’ve had clients who wanted to remember to take their vitamins and medications every morning but did not want their pills out on the counter. What do they do EVERY morning? Drink a cup of coffee, of course! So we simply placed their pills in the cabinet by the coffee mugs and they LINKED the two actions. First cup of coffee = morning medications.

Or let it be a task/reward link. A client had a weekly 11 a.m. Pilates class that she attended religiously. Her kids left for school at 8:30. She decided to devote the quiet two hours before her class to taking care of her mail, bills, paperwork and other must-do tasks. By focusing her energies for just two hours, she freed up her time from those chores ALL week. She no longer has to worry about them, because she can trust she will get them done before her beloved class.

Think about how you can make your must-dos go in twos for ultimate productivity and regularity!