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Tip Tuesday – Make Your Frames the Same

make your frames the same

Looking for a quick project that can make a big difference in your home displays?  Take a fresh look at all of the photos framed throughout your home. I suggest you make your frames the same and change your displays throughout the year as well!

I had a client who had several dozens of framed photos of her family scattered throughout her home. Literally, every flat surface was cluttered with them, as many were gifts from her Mother-in-Law, given after every vacation or holiday.  

It was too much! So we gathered them ALL together and divided them into FOUR basic categories: holiday frames, black and dark wood frames, white and light wood frames, and gold and silver frames.

My client decided to limit her display areas to ONE surface in each room (the mantle in the living room, the sideboard in the dining room, etc.) and now she rotates her photos throughout the year! Here is the template she followed:

January – March = Dark frames
March – April = Easter/Springtime photos
April – May = Metallic frames 
June – August = Light Frames 
September = First Day of School photos
October = Halloween photos
November = Thanksgiving photos
December = Holiday photos

What had been a visual mess is now a meaningful and cohesive seasonal display.  She enjoys really looking at the photos as she switches them out. And she stores them in easy-to-access stacking boxes in a nearby closet.  

Could a fresh look at your frames be a wonderful way to revitalize your home? Let me know in the comments!