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Tip Tuesday – Make Like You’re Moving

make like you're moving

A client has recently adopted this as her mantra and I thought it was so smart I wanted to share it with you. To really clear out her clutter effectively she has decided to “make like she’s moving.”  
Imagine that your current home is a fresh slate. How would you use and furnish the space if you were JUST moving in? If you need a new perspective, especially during these challenging times, perhaps just clearing the clutter and rearranging the furniture could do the trick?  
When you move, you are more ready to let go of things that don’t support your current or future life. So consider those things and clear out anything from your past that does not currently support the life you live now. This can include clothes that don’t fit, hobbies you don’t actually do, or keepsakes that don’t resonate anymore. I give you permission to toss or donate it all!   
This client has gone on Pinterest to find photos that evoke what she wants her space to look and feel like. She is drawn to photos of spaces that are clear, clean, and full of brightly-colored accents. Now she is inspired to paint some of her dark wooden furniture fun and vibrant colors!
Let me know if you are going to “make like you are moving,” or what you’re doing to make positive changes in your own home!