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Tip Tuesday – Leave the Liner Alone

Move-In Perfection is one of our favorite services to offer clients! We typically start in the kitchen because it’s the heart of the home and people have to eat. Almost every time clients ask “Should the shelves should be lined?” and I always answer “NO!”
In my experience, lining shelves is time-consuming and expensive. And unless you are using colorful wallpaper as a design element, the result can be simply ugly.

The concept of shelf liner dates back to when cupboards were created out of rough lumber. Paper lining was meant to protect dishes and glassware from paint or stain rubbing off. Fast forward a few decades and cupboards were made of metal. Your mothers or grandmothers lined their cabinets to protect the metal from rusting when dishes were put away still damp.

In this age when we have modern dishwashers to dry our plates and smooth, laminate shelves, lining just adds a second layer to clean. It is much easier to wipe down smooth shelves than to clean all of the grooves and holes of liners. In fact, there is a theory that pantry moths are attracted to the glue and rubber that many liners are made out of. And nobody wants pantry moths!
So where do YOU stand on cabinet lining? None of the recent high-end kitchens we have perfected have been lined, and the homeowners are thrilled with the results!