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Tip Tuesday – Laundry Logistics Pt. 2

washing machine and detergent boxes
Last week’s Laundry Logistics tip works best for individuals or couples.  This week, it’s all about laundry ease for families. For families, I recommend the ONE AT A TIME method.

Often laundry COMPLETION is where families get bogged down. People manage to wash, dry, hang, and even fold, but then the laundry languishes in hampers in the living room, and seldom gets finally put away. When everyone’s clothes are mixed together in one wash, delivering them back to multiple closets and dozens of different drawers becomes a logistical nightmare!
To avoid this nightmare, and to ensure laundry does get fully returned and completed, try the “one at a time” method. Do each individual’s laundry on different days, so it gets delivered back to just ONE bedroom, saving steps, time and energy!

See this chart for an example:
Monday – Dad
Tuesday – Mom
Wednesday – Daughter(s)
Thursday – Son(s)
Friday – Towels
Saturday – Sheet
Sunday – Day of Rest

Schedule each individual’s day based on your family’s specific needs. Dad does his laundry the day after his sweaty golf game, or Daughter does her laundry the day after soccer practice, when she doesn’t have an after-school commitment.  This way sport uniforms will get done every week.

If YOU are doing everyone’s laundry then YOU get to assign the days, and be sure to schedule in a day of rest too! If you have to double up two people on one day, still keep the loads and baskets separated, no mixing!

And you don’t have to be a perfectionist. If all the clothes for the week fit into one wash, go ahead and mix lights and darks together in a cold cycle. Pop in a color catching sheet and your clothes will be fine. Or transition all of the family’s towels to one color group so that they can all be washed together.

Clients who have tried this method, and stick to it, say that laundry has become much easier for ALL in the family. What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try? Let us know!