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Tip Tuesday – Laundry Logistics Pt. 1

washing machine and clothes pins

Almost every client I have has a litany of laundry complaints. The unfolded piles, the orphan socks, the dryer sheets EVERYWHERE. My advice is to create a regular routine to make getting through this oft-hated chore a little easier.
There are two general routes to laundry logistics: ALL at ONCE or ONE AT A TIME.

The “all at once” method seems to work best for couples or individuals. In my house, it is easiest to do all the laundry at once EVERY week, but some households can get away with doing it every two weeks. In our house, laundry day is Sunday.

Start by gathering up all your dirty clothes, and, while you’re at it, collect empty hangers too. Divide up the loads as you like (usually lights/darks or linens/delicates/sport) and get to it. Most importantly: stick with the laundry until completion.
Set a timer to keep the process moving along. I have one client who set up a TV in her laundry room so that she can shut the door and binge-watch her favorite shows. The end of each 50-minute episode is her cue to switch out each load and start hanging and folding. Laundry day has become her favorite day of the week!

For drying, reduce wrinkles by hanging as many articles of clothing as possible right out of the washer.

Finally, remember: laundry is not truly done until every article of clothing is delivered back to the rail or drawer it originally came from.

Next week we will cover the “one at a time” method…until then, Happy Laundry Day!