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Tip Tuesday – Labels are Liberating

Labels are Liberating Image for organization

I was once quoted in the Washington Post saying: “We don’t want to label our children. But let’s label everything else.” Why? Because labels are liberating, creating the order you crave. And they will save you time, effort, and often money because they will prevent you from rebuying the things you already have, but can’t find!

Recently someone asked me “But WHICH labeler should I buy?” I unequivocally answered “Brother P-Touch.” I am not a brand ambassador and get nothing from this recommendation but I want the world to enjoy the liberation of labeling!

You don’t even need a Costco membership to purchase the Brother label maker, which comes complete with two label tapes and batteries, and can be delivered to your home for under $30!

Labeling your belongings streamlines the processes of both finding and storing them. It is much easier to grab a band-aid in an emergency from a box clearly labeled “FIRST AID” than it is rummage blindly through your bathroom cupboard.

If unlike me, you are lucky enough to have beautiful penmanship, you don’t HAVE to use a label maker. You can just get out an oil-based sharpie marker and write directly on plastic or metal.

As I told someone recently, once you start to label, you will never go back! Do you label everything? Tell me all about it and join the “label liberation party”!