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Tip Tuesday – It’s Never Too Late

it's never to late image

People have this notion that professional organizers are always “get things done” people. I have a confession…that is not always true! Here is a personal story.

Many of you know that I have one child, my daughter Lydia. When I was pregnant in 1998 in the UK, I was given a trendy Anne Geddes “My First Five Years” Baby Book. I had great intentions, and things started off well. I was fairly diligent and recorded her milestones, first words, and favorite foods as prompted. I even pasted some printed photos in, this being 1998 and long before cell phone cameras.

Then we moved to the US in 2000 and the baby book was shelved and ignored. I found it this spring and was sad. Here I am with just ONE child and I neglected to complete years 3-5! But then I figured, “It’s never too late!” and decided to finish it and give it to her for her 21st birthday.

The moral of this story is that I DECIDED to finish it and I’m glad that I did. It took surprisingly little time to write in updates and glue a few more photos in. My husband and I relived our distant memories of being new parents and jotted those in. What I thought would be an onerous task took just a couple of enjoyable hours.

So what unfinished projects do YOU have that would give you great pleasure to complete? A knitting project, a wardrobe update, an unfinished novel? I assure you: It is never too late! Tell us what you will complete before the New Year! I know you can do it!