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Tip Tuesday – Heave That Hobby?

knitting yarn

Welcome to April! Now that it’s officially Spring, ask yourself: Is it time to “heave” that hobby? You know, the one you haven’t picked up or thought about in ages…

With spring cleaning season here, I want you to think critically about those sports, crafts, or activities you no longer do. Reminders of forgotten hobbies around the house, like equipment cluttering the garage and closets, only make us feel guilty! Wouldn’t it be great to reclaim that space and let go of that guilt too?

Recently, I had a client who acknowledged she would probably not get around to starting those baby scrapbooks for her two children (now in their early 20s). She had purchased all kinds of creative memory supplies with good intentions, but those unfinished projects had haunted her for two decades.

We simply took the items that she had planned to place in the books—cards, photos, clippings—and placed them in a lovely memorabilia box with archival tissue. Voila, now that project is DONE! She donated the crafting supplies to a local school and was SO relieved to “heave” that hobby!

So look around:
Do your camping supplies smell musty and date back to the last millennium?
Do you enjoy an adult coloring book as your creative outlet more than intimidating blank canvases and unopened paints?
Are you more likely to listen to a book than actually read one? Perhaps it is time to stop buying books and use Overdrive from the library instead?

I encourage you to be honest with yourself about your hobbies. Has the time come to “heave that hobby?” Let me know if you are making any changes!