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Tip Tuesday – Handbag Refresh

The cherry blossoms have bloomed, which means it’s time for a handbag refresh! No, I am NOT going to tell you to unpack your bag and put your wallet in a drawer every evening as Marie Kondo would suggest. I had a client who tried this and forgot her wallet altogether the next day!

What I am going to suggest is to not let your daily handbag become a catch-all. Once a week, take the time to clear out the detritus and perhaps even switch to a different purse when you do! I like switching to a lighter- or brighter-colored bag for the spring.

I like a purse with a bright lining so I can find things inside easily. A friend chose a neon lime green protective phone case so that she can quickly find it in her cavernous tote bag.

As far as how to organize the various items you always carry, I suggest you use smaller zipper mesh bags to contain loose items and make it easy to switch bags. You can see inside the mesh to quickly find what you need. I like using one for pens, pencils, and post-its, another for cosmetics and tissues, and another for gift cards, coupons, and receipts.  These pouches plus my wallet, phone, and sunglasses are all I need to keep my bag tidy and easy to manage.

Do you think it is time for a handbag refresh? Do you have any tips to keep your bag organized? Let me know!