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Tip Tuesday – Giving Not Gifting

ring and scarf

What does “Giving Not Gifting” mean? It means it is never too early to start GIVING your things away, rather than buying new things to gift. I think that no matter your age, it is time to consider implementing “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.” (Yes, this is a real thing, and I’d highly recommend reading about it!) Why spend more money and time shopping this holiday season when you have items that others love that you can GIVE them? For example, my sister has nice gold jewelry she seldom wears, and when I recently visited her she invited me to choose a piece to give to my daughter. That is GIVING not GIFTING! My sister can get pleasure knowing her fine jewelry is being used and enjoyed, and my daughter gets real gold to wear—win/win!

A lovely client had a small china tea set that she had inherited just gathering dust. She wanted to donate it, but I suggested she give it to her eight-year-old granddaughter to use for tea parties instead. The client was thrilled with this idea! Of course, a few pieces were broken over the years but the set actually got played with and enjoyed, and even stayed in the family a little longer.

A close friend of mine always smells so good. When I complemented her on her pleasant scent she went to her vanity, got the perfume bottle and gave it to me! It was a spontaneous, generous, and thoughtful gesture that meant so much. I have it on my dresser and think of her every time I see it.

So look around your home, what can you GIVE and not gift this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!