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Tip Tuesday – Focus On Organizing in 2020

organize your 2020

Wow, we are on the cusp of the “roaring 20s”!
Is finally “getting organized” what YOU plan to do in the next decade?
If you are self-motivated, perhaps following a FREE organizing challenge will help?
Below are a few that could make 2020 your best year ever:

– Home Storage Solutions has a 52-week challenge.  
– Creating Mary’s Home has a 13-week challenge starting on Jan. 6th.
– Bowl Full of Lemons has a lot of different home challenges, but the 14-week challenge starts on Jan. 4th.
– The New York Times has a 6-week Tidy Home program that you can start at ANY time.
– Apartment Therapy has a 1-month challenge called “the January Cure” that starts on Jan. 6th.

Let me know if you are going to give any of these a try! And of course, if you need organizing advice, hands-on help, or move-in perfection, please don’t hesitate to call, comment, or email the Simplify You team. Happy 2020!