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Tip Tuesday – Floorobe Vs. Wardrobe

Floorobe vs Wardrobe

Are more of your clothes strewn on the floor than put away? You could be experiencing “Floorobe Syndrome”! There are a few leading causes of Floorobe Syndrome, and luckily I have some remedies.

Cause: You have way more clothes than can actually fit in your closet or drawers.
Remedy: Reduce the number of clothing items you own.

Cause: You find it is easier to dress yourself out of the clean clothes hamper, as those are their favorite clothes anyway.
Remedy: Reduce the number of unloved articles of clothing you own.

Cause: You like to try lots of things on but then don’t have the time to put discarded options away.
Remedy: Incorporate into your morning routine five extra minutes to put things away.

Cause: You think an item can get “one more wear” and don’t want to hang “once-worn” clothes back with the clean items.
Remedy: Give these “clerty” clothes a designated home. These clothes are not CLEAN and they are not DIRTY, therefore they are “clerty”. I encourage all of my clients with this problem to install a simple shaker peg rack or back-of-the-door rack, something that will easily hold these items and let them air out. This way they are not mixed in with clean clothes or in the hamper with dirty clothes when they can be worn again.

What do you do with your “clerty” clothes? Let us know!