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Tip Tuesday – Entryway Embrace


Do you want to turn away screaming when you walk into your home after a long day out, dreading the sight of messy piles and clutter? OR do you feel the warm embrace of your entryway and immediately relax? (Hint–your answer should be the latter! If it’s not, read on for tips to enhance your entryway’s tranquility.) The first impression you have when you come home can really make a difference in your state of mind. Personally, for years my home was painted a color I detested. Every time I drove up to my driveway, it made me a little sad.

Finally, this year, I painted my house light gray and my front door teal and it gives me a little thrill every time I come home from work. What a psychological difference!

How do you feel when you open your front door? Do you see a mess of shoes, jackets, backpacks, and boxes? If so, I encourage you to calm this clutter. Is it possible to use hooks or pockets on the back of the door to store those things away? If there is no coat closet, a bright washable area rug can define a “mud room.” Add shaker peg racks on the wall to hold jackets and bags, and a bench with bins underneath to hold shoes.

What can you do THIS week to make your entryway a bit more welcoming? Let us know in the comments!